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Vol. 21 Issue 2 - 2023 Summer ArchiveEdition

Promoting the enjoyment and conservation of North Carolina’s native plants and their habitats 

through education, protection, cultivation, and advocacy since 1951

Find Your Passion Project with the NC Native Plant Society

At NCNPS it’s all about native plants – for the birds and the bees and the people. Join us and find your “passion project.” Make a Difference.


Join our Native Plant News Team
Is your passion to write articles or coordinate photos of chapter events? Become a newsletter team member and help produce the quarterly newsletter? Add your skills and enthusiasm to make a difference? Spread the word about the great things we’re doing around the state. Have something in mind? Contact us with your ideas.

Our Earth Day Projects
Here are some NCNPS chapter photos from Earth Day activities.

You Can Get Physical
Our Events calendar lists physical (as well as cerebral) events. Want to remove invasive plants, cultivate at parks and preserves, go on hikes, and/or share seeds and plants? Plain ol’ just show up and have fun?

But wait! There’s more!!
Check out our statewide NCNPS Volunteer Opportunities list and see what clicks with you.

Andrea Thunem is editor of the North Carolina Native Plant Society’s Native Plant News and a member of the NCNPS Southern Piedmont chapter. A retired journalist and landscape designer with a passion for native plants and environmental sustainability, she loves working with people to present their stories about the holistic nature of plants, people, earth, and connections. Email her at

Resources and Events

Search the plant gallery, find recommended landscaping plant nurseries, and much more on our website.

View past chapter programs on our YouTube channel.

Meet other native plant geeks at events across the state.

Volume 21 Issue 2      Summer 2023

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