Blue Ridge Chapter

Serving Watauga, Ashe, Alleghany, Wilkes, Caldwell, Burke, and Avery Counties.

The Blue Ridge Chapter is based in Boone, NC.

Upcoming meetings and programs:
Due to Covid-19 guidelines, we will not be meeting in person until further notice but instead hold virtual meetings using Zoom. Details how to join each meeting will be sent out via our mailing list.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at the Holiday Inn Express Boone, 1943 Blowing Rock Road, Boone, NC 28607, adjacent to the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. We have a program at each meeting, which could entail either a formal talk or workshops or anything in between. Meetings are free and open to the public. Everyone is invited to attend and we look forward to sharing our love for the native plants of North Carolina. The meeting room will open at 6:30 PM with the meeting running from 7:00-9:00 PM.

If you have ideas for programs or would like to present to our group of native plant enthusiasts, please contact us!

Upcoming Events!

January 2021 – Blue Ridge Chapter Seed Swap

We’ve got exciting news! We now have a seed library box installed at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens. The idea behind these seed libraries is that people can leave or take seeds so we can use it for a socially-distanced seed swap in January. Stay tuned for more details!

Chapter Activities

The Blue Ridge Chapter occasionally organizes hikes and plant rescues in the High Country. Follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list to receive updates on meetings, hikes and rescues.

In 2017, we hosted the Annual Spring Outing in Boone. In 2018, we adopted the Rhododendron Walk area at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens as a home for rescued plants. The function of this part of the Gardens is to preserve Appalachian woodland plants. There are always some invaders such as English ivy to clean up, so we will have occasional work days to remove these. Contact us if you would like to help!

For 2020, we have planned weekly guided walks to explore what is in bloom along the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Starting in mid March, we will meet Friday mornings at 8 AM at Osborne Mountain Overlook near milepost 278 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Please feel free to join us!

Past Programs

Dec. 9, 2020: Holiday Social on Zoom
Nov. 11, 2020: Social Hour on Zoom
Oct. 14, 2020: iNaturalist Project Demo (Zoom meeting)
Sep. 9, 2020: Seed Swap and Collection at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens
Aug. 12, 2020: “Biocontrols for Japanese Beetles and Hemlock Woolly Adelgid” (Zoom meeting)
July 8, 2020: Virtual Daniel Boone Native Gardens Tour (Zoom meeting)
June 10, 2020: Phenology Project Report (Zoom meeting)
May 13, 2020: Virtual tour of the Appalachian State University Nature Preserve with Annkatrin Rose (Zoom meeting)
April 8, 2020: Meeting cancelled due to stay-at-home order in place in NC
March 11, 2020: “Cliff flora of the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area” presented by Georgia Harrison
Feb. 12, 2020: “Blue Ridge Conservancy’s Ecological Mission” presented by Charlie Brady
Jan. 8, 2020: 5th Annual Holiday Potluck Dinner and Seed/Plant/Book Swap (repeat from December)
Dec. 11, 2019: Meeting postponed to January due to adverse weather
Nov. 13, 2019: “Plant Conservation in NC” presented by Gary Walker
Oct. 9, 2019: “Plant Conservation Genetics in the Southern Appalachians” presented by Matt Estep
Sep. 11, 2019: Native shrubs for High Country landscapes presented by Shelby Jackson
Aug. 14, 2019: Ethnobotany of the “Little Brother of War”, Plants of the Cherokee Stickball Game presented by David Cozzo
July 10, 2019: Daniel Boone Native Gardens Tour (outdoors at the Gardens)
June 12, 2019: “A Naturalist Buys a Farm” presented by Bill Dunson
May 8, 2019: “Boone in Bloom at the Appalachian State University Nature Preserve” wildflower walk with Annkatrin Rose (outdoors)
Apr. 10, 2019: “Trilliums: Keen Field Observation — 99% of Successful Trillium Culture” presented by Mark Rose
Mar. 13, 2019: “Transforming your Yard into a Wildlife Habitat” presented by Debbie Shetterly
Feb. 13, 2019: “Newt Kash Rock Shelter, Red River Gorge, Kentucky: The Role of Plants” presented by Cheryl Claassen
Jan. 9, 2019: 4th Annual Holiday Potluck Dinner and Seed/Plant/Book Swap (repeat from December)
Dec. 12, 2018: Meeting postponed to January due to adverse weather
Nov. 14, 2018: “Genetic Diversity and Conservatino of Geum radiatum (Spreading Avens)” presented by Matt Estep
Oct. 10, 2018: “Lichens: Biodiversity and Ecology in the Appalachian Mountains” presented by Coleman McCleneghan
Sep. 12, 2018: “Beneficial insects to control pests in Christmas trees” presented by Paige Patterson
Aug. 8, 2018: “Re-Flowering Along the Blue Ridge Parkway” presented by Bob Cherry
July 11, 2018: Daniel Boone Native Gardens Tour (outdoors at the Gardens)
June 13, 2018: “Fern Identification” presented by Tracie Jeffries
May 9, 2018: “Is there hope for NC’s native hemlocks?” presented by Sara deFosset
April 11, 2018: “Favorite Native Plants at Elk Knob State Park” presented by Brandy Belville
March 14, 2018: Meeting cancelled due to adverse weather
Feb. 14, 2018: “The Fungimentals of Kingdom Fungi” presented by Julie Mullis
Jan. 10, 2018: 3rd Annual Holiday Potluck Dinner and Seed/Plant/Book Swap (repeat from December)
Dec. 13, 2017: Meeting postponed to January due to adverse weather
Nov. 8, 2017: “Introduction to our Native Bees” presented by Nancy Adamson
Oct. 11, 2017: “Grandfather Mountain: Beyond the Bridge” presented by Susan McBean and Amy Renfranz
Sep. 13, 2017: “Native Grasses, Sedges and Rushes in the Landscape” presented by Bob Oelberg and Katherine Shoffner
Aug. 9, 2017: “Gardening for Butterflies” presented by Annkatrin Rose
Jul. 12, 2017: “The Flora and Fauna of the Blue Ridge Parkway” presented by Bob Cantu
Jun. 14, 2017: Introduction to BRWIA and Seed Libraries by Judith Phoenix, Debbie Bauer, and Julia Showalter
May 10, 2017: “Bird-Friendly Gardening: Your Yard Matters!” presented by Kim Brand
Apr. 12, 2017: “Garden-worthy Native Perennials and Ferns” presentation and plant sale by John Neal
Mar. 8, 2017: “Saving the Earth One Plant at a Time” presented by Bill Jones
Feb. 8, 2017: “The Middle Fork Greenway” presented by Wendy Patoprsty
Jan. 11, 2017: Meeting cancelled due to adverse weather
Dec. 14, 2016: 2nd Annual Holiday Potluck Dinner and Seed/Plant/Book Swap
Nov. 9, 2016: “Bog Gardening with Native Carnivorous Plants” presented by Larry Mellichamp
Oct. 12, 2016: Introduction to Bee City USA and Bee Campus USA by Phyllis Stiles
Sep. 14, 2016: “The Natural History and Science of Fall Colors” presented by Howard Neufeld
Aug. 10, 2016: “Native Lilies of the Eastern US” presented by Mark Rose
Jul. 13, 2016: “Hands on plant identification for everyone” workshop with Andrew Jenkins
Jun. 8, 2016: “A History of the Early Botanical Explorations of the Southern Appalachians” presented by Gary Walker
May 11, 2016: “Plant-Pollinator Interactions in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Beyond” presented by Tim Spira
Apr. 13, 2016: “From Theory Street to Our Street: Bringing Native Landscapes into the Mainstream” presented by Bob Oelberg
Mar. 9, 2016: “Native Plants for Soggy Soils: Protecting our Mountain Water Resources” presented by Wendy Patoprsty
Feb. 10, 2016: Meeting cancelled due to adverse weather
Jan. 13, 2016: “The current “buzz” on bees: Declines, conservation efforts, and predicting their fates under climate change” presented by Jennifer Geib
Dec. 9, 2015: 1st Annual Holiday Potluck Dinner and Seed/Plant/Book Swap
Nov. 11, 2015: “Asters: Identification Tips for a Difficult Group of Plants” presented by Andrew Jenkins
Oct. 14, 2015: “The Bee Aware Campaign” presented by Kate Fitzgerald
Sep. 9, 2015: “Growing Native: Starting Wildflowers from Seeds” presented by Annkatrin Rose
Aug. 12, 2015: “Milkweeds of the Carolinas” presented by Mark Rose
Jul. 8, 2015: Repotting Milkweed Seedlings – hands-on workshop with Mark Rose
Jun. 10, 2015: “The Aliens Have Landed and They Keep Invading: High Country Invasive Plants” presented by Wendy Patoprsty
May 13, 2015: “Using Natives and Selections of Natives to Add Multi-Season Interest to the Landscape” presented by Paige Patterson
Apr. 8, 2015: “North Carolina Native Plants: Three Seasons of Blooms” presented by Mark Rose (inaugural meeting of the new Blue Ridge Chapter of the North Carolina Native Plant Society)

Blog and Special Notes

We have had a change of leadership at the beginning of 2018. Mark Rose, who started the Blue Ridge Chapter in 2015, stepped down as chair, and Annkatrin Rose (no relation – just happen to have the same last name) took over. Mark will stay involved as our door prize coordinator. We would all like to thank him for bringing us together and getting the ball rolling in the Boone area! As a memento and expression of our appreciation, we presented him with a picture of a Painted Trillium taken by Annkatrin at the last Grandfather Mountain Nature Photography Weekend. Thanks Mark!

(Image credit: Debbie Shetterly)

Picture Albums

Tater Hill Hikes in 2018 (July 15, 2018)

Greenway Trail Invasive Plant Removal (October 12, 2017)

Profile Trail Plant Rescue (March 17, 2016)

Cold Prong Pond Hike (April 16, 2016)

Boone United Trail Hike (February 18, 2017)

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