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Gardening with Native Plants

Gardening with native plants is the best way to support the food web because the pollinators need our native plants. Quick links below.

Recommended Plants and Trees

Landscaping Tips

Native Plant Handouts

Habitat Certification

Invasive Plant List

Wild Seed Collection



Speaker Bureau

Plant ID and Plant Gallery

Identify a plant, find plants by searching characteristics, and see detailed pictures. Our plant pictures show the flower, the seeds, the stem, and the leaves.

View the Plants and Trees

Search the Plant Gallery

Grants and Scholarships

The NCNPS offers four funding sources that support projects to achieve our mission. Details are in the READ MORE section for each grant and scholarship.

Grants and scholarships Overview

Shinn Scholarship Fund View

BW Wells Grant View

Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund View


Education is an important and major part of our mission. Find out what we do.

Click here to browse Books recommended by our members. Here are our Native Plant Handouts.

Or click here to see the latest newsletter.


Explore the many resources we have on our web site: places to go, gardening, and conservation.

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