NCNPS Awards Program

Example of the Award Certificate

The awards program is intended to accomplish several purposes:

  1. To recognize individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the Society and to the cause of native plant and habitat conservation
  2. To provide a means of publicly acknowledging such efforts
  3. To further the mission of the Society of public education.

    Awards Committee structure

    An Awards Committee composed of a chair, who will be a member of the NCNPS Board, and three additional members of the Society  who are selected by the chair.  The additional members of the committee will come from the membership, but not necessarily be members of the board.  The current NCNPS President may serve as an ex-officio member of the committee.

    List of Past Recipients of Awards

    Nomination procedure

    Announcement of the awards nomination process will be made in the summer edition of newsletter each year, with a January nomination deadline.

    Nominations may be made for a specific category, or the nomination can allow the Awards Committee to place the nomination in the most appropriate category.

    Nominations shall consist of a letter outlining the accomplishments of the nominee and should be supported by at least 3 letters of support.  Support letters may be from NCNPS members or the general public who are familiar with the nominee and his/her achievements and activities.

    Email nominations to or mail to Awards Committee at 104 Birklands, Cary NC 27518

    Selection Procedure

    Nominations will be mailed to the Awards Committee chair, which will then copy the information and forward it to committee members.

    The committee may deliberate in person, by telephone, or by email.  All communications and materials shall be confidential.

    Following deliberation, a simple majority vote will determine the selection of an award winner in each category.

    To maintain the integrity of the awards, if there are no nominations for a category, or no nominee the committee feels is deserving of the award, no award shall be made.  In other words, awards are to be considered an honor and are not awarded without strong reason and legitimate support.

    If no nominations are made for any category, the awards committee may look among the membership for possible nominees.  If one is found, they may suggest that an NCNPS member initiate a nomination.

    Nominations that were not selected may be retained for consideration the following year.

    Nominations and letters of support for those selected shall be kept in the Society’s archives.

    Award selections are to be kept quiet until official announcement in at the annual meeting in June (except that the award winners may be notified so they can plan to attend the June picnic.)

    Award Categories: Part I:

    (Recipients of these awards must be NCNPS members.)

    President’s Award for Service to the Society
    To recognize the superior efforts of an individual to further the mission and purpose of the Society.

    William Lanier Hunt Award for Environmental Education
    To recognize an individual for superior efforts in the area of education related to native plants.  Educational efforts may be in the areas of public education (teaching), programs presented to the general public, writing, or research.

    B. W. Wells Award for Excellence in Botany or Horticulture 
    To recognize an individual for work in the field of botany or horticulture, whether that work be at the professional or amateur level.

    C. Ritchie Bell Award for Natural Resource Conservation Advocacy
    To recognize the efforts of an individual to raise public awareness of environmental issues, to advocate for the environment, and to encourage The Society to keep environmental issues as a major component of its activities.

    Award Categories: Part II:

    These awards may be nominated by any member of the Society, accompanied by photographs and any other documentation felt appropriate.  The nominees do not need to be NCNPS members.  Members of the Award committee should visit the nominated sites, if possible, before deliberation and selection of the winners.

    H. L. Blomquist Award for Promoting Native Plants
    To recognize a business or institution in North Carolina that promotes the use of native plants, promotes alternatives to non-native invasive plants, or contributes in some way to the mission of the N.C. Native Plant Society.

    Emily H. Allen Award for Landscape Design with Native Plant Material
    To recognize a public or private garden within North Carolina that makes exemplary use of native plant material and encourages such use in home or business landscapes (includes residential, business, or organization).

    H. Roland Totten Award for Advancing Knowledge or Conservation of Native Plants
    To recognize the efforts of an individual to advance the knowledge of native plants and to advocate for the conservation of plants and their habitats.

    Award Announcements

    Those selected to receive an award will be announced at the Annual Picnic in June of each year.  The awards will also be announced in the summer edition of the newsletter, and in the annual journal.

    Award winners will be presented with a framed certificate with their name, the award, NC Native Plant Society, and the year.