We are excited about our upcoming Spring Outing, April 27-29, in the southern mountain town of Franklin, NC. We will open the event registration in mid February and you will be notified by email when it opens.  During that weekend, NCNPS will hold all meetings, lectures and a silent plant auction led by Mark Rose in Tartan Hall at the historic First Presbyterian Church. There will be a Friday afternoon hike for those arriving early, hikes Saturday morning and afternoon, and half day hikes on Sunday morning.

Create a buzz in the garden and plant a native!

Discover our diverse and beautiful native plants which help sustain butterflies, birds, bees, and other wildlife.

Natives for Shade

Eastern columbine (red yellow)

Yellow and gold (yellow)

Redbud tree (purple)

Eastern sweetshrub (red)

Pinxter azalea (pink)


Natives for Sun

Swamp milkweed (pink, Monarchs!)

Beebalm (red)

Black-eyed susan (golden orange)

Joe-pye weed (pink)

Carolina jessamine (yellow)