Blue Ridge Chapter Seed Library

Blue Ridge Chapter Seed Library

We now have a seed library box installed at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens. Huge thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen! This was all done with donations, too. If you would like to show your appreciation, please feel free to donate to either the NC Native Plant Society or the Daniel Boone Native Gardens.

We still need a label for it to let people know what’s inside the box. If you have a suggestion what to name it, please let us know.

What is this?

You may have seen some of these little free library boxes around that people use to share books. The idea behind these seed libraries is similar in that people can share seeds. We hope this works well so we can use it for a socially-distanced seed swap in January!

Where is it?

Our native plant seed library box is located at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens at 651 Horn in the West Drive in Boone, NC. You can find another one in town for sharing heirloom veggies and more at the Watauga Seed Library on Queen Street.

Seed library at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens
Daniel Boone Native Gardens Gatehouse with Blue Ridge Chapter seed library

How do I use it?

Just stop by and check it out, take some seeds if you like, and/or deposit seeds if you have any to share. There is a latch on the side of the door to keep the elements and hopefully the squirrels out, so please make sure you close it again if you open it.

We would like to keep this box for native plants only – non-native seeds should be deposited with the seed library on Queen Street. More detailed instructions how to grow native plants from seeds and guidelines for seed sharing (PDF) are available inside the box. Please feel free to take a copy during your visit!

What’s in the box?

We distributed about 1,200 seed packets since the box was installed last winter and have just about run out of seeds for this growing season. Going into the summer, the only seeds left in the box are a goldenrod meadow mix (Solidago altissima/S. rugosa) and whatever else people may deposit. You can help us restock the box again this fall and winter by saving seeds from your plants to share! We will use it through the summer to distribute flyers and info material on native plants for gardening. Contact cards how to get in touch if you have any questions and membership brochures are also available inside the box. If any of these items need restocking, please let us know.

Blue Ridge Chapter Seed Library
Blue Ridge Chapter seed library at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens