Thank you for your contributions to the NC Native Plant Society

Atamasco lilies in bloom after a prescribed burn at Suther Prairie. Photo by Emily Callicutt, a previous B.W. Wells recipient
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By Debra Murray

We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to NCNPS in 2022. Your generous gifts help support our society’s mission to promote the enjoyment and conservation of native plants and their habitats. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Mary Abrams
Bridgett Aguirre
Anne Albright
Susan Andrews
Lara Berkley
Alicia L. Berry
Ellen Bird
Edward Bishop
Carrie Blair
Catherine Bollinger
Larry Bost
Terri Boykin
Barbara Braatz
Anne Bramlett
Terri Buckner
Diane Butzin
Marilyn Caccamise
Elizabeth Chartrand
Paulo Chiquito
Rose Cnudde
Monika Coleman
Todd Creamer
Cure Nursery
Charlotte Curry
Kathy Curtis
Kerry-Ann da Costa
Bettina Darveaux
G. Albert Dasher
Beth Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Sarah Dendy
Jennifer Dotson
Louis Eubanks
Colleen Fairbanks
Ryan Farmer
Carol Fox
Cecil Frost
Victor Furtado
Julia Garrett
Ann Marie Gerney
Leila Goodwin

Lisa Lofland Gould
Jesse Grantham
Deborah Green
Ruth Ann Grissom
Grove Park-Ravenwood Garden Club
Margaret Henderson
Pat & Gene Holder
Michael Horney
Paul Hosier
Wayne Johnston
Gloria Kanoy
Kenneth & Ginger Karb
Adele Kirk
Mary Ann Knovich
Hendrik Koppen
Marcie Laird
Paula LaPoint
Diane Laslie
Laurel’s Garden Design
Gus & Mary Magrinat
Mann Family Foundation
Jeff Martin
Lyn McCoy
Charlotte McGhee
Cama C. Merritt
Marlyn Miller
Mary Miller
Susan Mitchell
Theresa Morr
Debra Murray
Judy Murray
John Neal
Oak Ridge Garden Club
Melinda Ogburn
Margaret Partridge
Heather Patti
Adele Paynter
David & Cary Paynter
Thomas Phelan
Sandy Phocas

Jeff Pierce
Ken Quilty
Bill Raspet
Evelyn & Alan Reiman
Margot & Dave RingenburgPatricia Rusch
Sandi Salisbury
Bradley Saul
Serendipity Garden Club
Babbie and Waid Shelton
Nancy Shinn
Linda Shostak
Suzanne Simmons
Ally Snyder
Barb Stenross
Mary P. Stephenson
Horst Stierand
Paula Stober
Susan Studlar
Alice Sudduth
David Sumner
John Taggart
Arlene Edwards Thompson
Ann Tiner
Jo Rainey Tisdale
Susan Trabka
Barbara Tuset
Edythe Goldstein Victor
Carla Vitez
Liz Wahls
Lynda Waldrep
Shirley Walker
Ann Walter-Fromson
Noel Wannebo
Murray Whitehill
Denise Williams
Jean Woods

Shinn Scholarship Donations Help Students Research Native Plants

Generous donations to the Tom and Bruce Shinn Fund help support students with their research projects. Adair McNear, a 2021 recipient, is pictured above collecting seeds on rural roadside verges as part of her studies. Information about Shinn Scholarship Fund recipients may be found on our website.

A heartfelt thank you goes to all our members that contributed to the year-end campaign for NCNPS’s Tom and Bruce Shinn Fund. We are happy to report that member donations increased from last year, exceeding our goal! Donations totaled over $13,000 from 80 donors and will be used to increase the size of the fund, protecting NCNPS’s ability to award students every year.

The Shinn Fund is recognized at universities across our state as a valuable asset for graduate and undergraduate students working on native plants. The ten awardees from the 2022 granting cycle study a broad range of topics, from microbial communities that impact native plants to ecological and genetic studies of imperiled and endangered species. Read more about recipients’ research.

Your contributions help maintain a robust funding program, and I look forward to funding new proposals in 2023. Thanks to everyone involved in the year-end campaign: Diane Laslie, Ken Bridle, myself, and Liz Wahls, and to the professors that shared their thoughts on supporting the Shinn Fund: Alexander Krings, Katherine Mathews, and Justin Wright.

By Debra Murray
Native Plant News – Spring 2023

Debra Murray is chair of the Grants & Scholarships Committee of the NC Native Plant Society. The committee reviews grant proposals for student research (Tom and Bruce Shinn Fund), community projects (B.W. Wells Stewardship Fund), and land conservation (Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund).