We Asked. You Answered Our Reader Survey

Trena McNabb in her meadow. Photo courtesy tmcnabb.com
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By Carol Fox

Thanks from your newsletter team to the many readers who answered our Native Plant News 2022 Reader Survey! Fascinating, fun to read, and well done. We thank you for your cogent insights, pithy observations, and specific suggestions. You are why we have a vibrant North Carolina Native Plant Society.

Here’s who you are

Lowkey or active, you are all an eclectic bunch of enthusiasts who often also belong to other environmental groups. You are all welcome, newbies and more seasoned! You are why we do what we do.

Most of you consider yourselves home gardeners but you also are botanists, researchers, plant pathologists and biologists; landscape architects and designers; nursery industry workers, arboreta workers and directors; environmental educators, naturalists and conservationists; federal, state, county, and city agencies directors and staffers. You are volunteers, owners and workers. You are just about anywhere there are plants.

The stories you like

You told us that it’s all about the plants.

Seedheads on Rudbeckia at Camp North End, Charlotte. Photo courtesy Cabot Thunem

Your favored topics were native plants on developed land and in the wild, photos including habitats and invasive plants. You strongly preferred adding more stories about native plant identification. In response, our team will add more articles on your favorite plants. See the stories about Hexastylis and Pycnanthemum in this issue.

When asked about NCNPS news, most of you said keep the same but some of you wished for more news about our events. There is a link at the bottom of each e-newsletter that takes you to the Events page on ncwildflower.org. State-wide and chapter events are listed there. For example, chapter events include seed sharing and plant swapping.

Thanks to quite a few of you who volunteered to write articles and included your contact information. Some of you, alas, didn’t give us a way to reach you! If you are interested, feel free to send an email to Andrea Thunem at newsletter@ncwildflower.org.

Share our mission

Our new digital newsletter format makes it easy for you to share the mission of NC Native Plant Society. You know that a click on Read More in the e-newsletter takes you to the full-blown article that resides in the Native Plant News section of our website, ncwildflower.org. Please share these articles with your friends, on your social media, or ask to reprint them in the newsletters of other environmental organizations. We’ve made it easy for you to share, print, or email each article. More sharing will increase the visibility of our mission in the wider world. Remember: it’s all about the plants!

By Carol Fox
Native Plant News – Spring 2023

You’ll find Carol Fox working in and enjoying her and her late husband Jon’s NCNPS certified native plant garden year-round. Jon was an active member and Carol continues her activity in the Southern Piedmont Chapter where Carol edits the monthly newsletter.