NCNPS Open Positions

If you are interested in one of the positions, send an email to Bettina and tell us what skills you have and why you would be suited for the position.


  • Act as spokesperson for the organization.
  • Preside over board meetings and work with the Secretary to develop the agenda
  • Report annually to the membership
  • Monitor progress of board members and committee chair activities between board meetings.
  • Member of Finance Committee, back up for Treasurer
  • Work with the Board to fill vacancies on the Board and appoint committee chairs as needed.


  • Stand in for president in his/her absence.
  • Serve as parliamentarian at all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • May serve as a committee chair as appropriate.
  • Support the creation and startup of new chapters.

Directors at Large:

  • Serve as chairs of committees.
  • Serve the Society in the area of their expertise
  • Provide support to the officers and committee chairs at major Society events.

Membership Chair:

  • Monitor new and renewal memberships received online or by mail. 
  • Supervise automatic electronic membership renewal reminders. (Requires good computer skills)
  • Annually mail membership renewal reminders to those with no email address via USPS.
  • Submit a membership report including the number of members, renewals, and other information at each Board meeting.
  • Maintain the inventory of membership brochures & distribute them to chapters. Revise and print as needed.