NCNPS Award Recipients

President’s Award for Service to the Society

To recognize the superior efforts of an individual to further the mission and purpose of the Society.

Kathy Schlosser, 2011; Tom Harville 2012; Jean Woods, 2016; Lisa Lofland Gould, 2019; Dale Batchelor, 2019; Larry Mellichamp 2020; Lynda Waldrep 2022

William Lanier Hunt Award for Environmental Education

To recognize an individual for superior efforts in the area of education related to native plants. Educational efforts may be in the areas of public education (teaching), programs presented to the general public, writing, or research.

Jean Woods, 2009; Ed Swartzman, 2010; Karen Linehan, 2023

B. W. Wells Award for Excellence in Botany or Horticulture 

To recognize an individual for work in the field of botany or horticulture, whether that work be at the professional or amateur level.

Larry Mellichamp, 2009

C. Ritchie Bell Award for Natural Resource Conservation Advocacy

To recognize the efforts of an individual to raise public awareness of environmental issues, to advocate for the environment, and to encourage The Society to keep environmental issues as a major component of its activities.

Not yet awarded.

H. L Blomquist Award for Promoting Native Plants

To recognize a business or institution in North Carolina that promotes the use of native plants, promotes alternatives to non-native invasive plants, or contributes in some way to the mission of the N.C. Native Plant Society.

Cure Nursery, Jen & Bill Cure, 2019

NCNPS Emily H. Allen Award for Landscape Design with Native Plant Materials

To recognize a public or private garden within North Carolina that makes exemplary use of native plant material and encourages such use in home or business landscapes (includes residential, business, or organization).

Stefan Boodworth, 2009

(at that time is was just called the “Award for Landscape Design with Native Plant Materials”)

NCNPS H. Roland Totten Award for Advancing Knowledge or Conservation of Native Plants

To recognize the efforts of an individual or organization in advancing the knowledge of native plants and in advocating for the conservation of plants and their habitats.

Johnny Randall 2009