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Ghost Savannah Plant Walk

Dr. John Taggart will lead this plant walk of one of the Southeast’s most unusual natural gardens and its wet pine savannah. The full announcement and sign up for the walk will be posted here and emailed to members on April 15. If you are not a member yet and would like to join this walk, we welcome you to join today!

UPDATE: the correct date for this walk is May 21st, not May 15th.

According to the Coastal Land Trust, “Ghost Savannah is a 177-acre preserve located in Pender County, North Carolina. It was purchased in two phases. The 1st phase (117 acres) was purchased in 2002 as the result of the Coastal Land Trust’s first capital campaign. The Coastal Land Trust dedicated the site to Dr. Bertram W. Wells, the late pioneer ecologist from NCSU and author of ‘The Natural Gardens of North Carolina’ because of his research contributions associated with the now extirpated Big Savannah located a few miles south of the preserve. The B.W. Wells Savannah, referred to as the Ghost of Big Savannah, is home to over 170 native plant species including several rarities. The Coastal Land Trust has restored much of the rare savannah habitat and has initiated a prescribed burn program with grants from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the N.C. Wildflower Preservation Society, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.”

The event is finished.


May 21 2022


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