BW Wells Stewardship Fund

BW Wells Drawing
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A successful fundraising campaign, thanks to your generous contributions!

By Debra Murray

A heartfelt thank you goes to all our members who contributed to the 2021 year-end campaign for NC Native Plant Society’s BW Wells Stewardship Fund. We are happy to report that member support rose again from last year! Donations totaled over $11,000 and will be used to increase the size of the fund, allowing more projects to be awarded every year.

The BW Wells Stewardship Fund is a valuable resource for community organizations needing support for their native plant endeavors, from land restoration and community gardens to educational signs and workshops. In 2021 we funded seven projects across our state, including a large native plant garden in Creedmoor, floodplain restoration in the Chantilly Ecological Sanctuary in Charlotte, a prescribed burn in Suther Prairie, a Unity Park native plant demonstration garden in Lenoir, and restoration of an alluvial bottomland forest along the Henry Fork River. These projects, like others we have funded, will have long-lasting positive benefits for our environment.

Your contributions help maintain a robust funding program, and I look forward to funding new proposals in 2022. A final note: I am grateful for the hard work, creativity, support, and guidance of all those who worked on the campaign – Carol Fox, Susie Dakin, Liz Wahls, Diane Laslie, and especially DeeDee Clarke!

By Debra Murray
Native Plant News – Spring 2022

The B.W. Wells Stewardship Fund provides several grants each year to projects that involve the installation of new native plant gardens, restoration and maintenance of existing natural plant communities, and public education on native plants and their benefits and conservation. Grants are available to organizations, including federal, state, and local agencies, and local community organizations. Debra Murray chairs the Grants and Scholarships Committee.