Shinn FAQ

Shinn Application FAQ

Can my field research include areas outside of North Carolina?
Yes, your proposal can include some field work outside of North Carolina as long as the work involves North Carolina natives and some research occurs in the state.

My budget is only one item, do I still need to submit a budget?
Even if your budget is simple with few items, please still make a separate section that contains an itemized budget and a justification for each item.

My application is late, can I still submit it?
We only accept applications submitted by 11:59pm EST on March 1.

What are the common mistakes applicants make in their proposals?
The most common mistake, after not submitting a budget, is including too much introductory material and not enough detail of the proposed research. While it is vital to provide introductory material and the scientific motivations for the work, you need to demonstrate you have developed a solid research plan. This can include general details of experimental design, timelines, and field collections or observations.