Plant Rescues


The North Carolina Native Plant Society conducts native plant rescues in cooperation with North Carolina governments, landowners and developers in an effort to save native plants that would otherwise be lost to construction and development.

It is important to understand that it is not the mission of the NCNPS to interfere, impede, disturb or delay any development on the sites in which we perform plant rescues.

We do believe that it's best to propagate from seed, tissue culture and vegetative cuttings, but we do not deny the fact that "progress" will happen and some plants can be rescued from native extirpation.

Plant Rescue
Picture Albums

photo from RTP 2006 Plant Rescue
Research Triangle Park Area (January 2006)

photo from Battle Park Plant Rescue
Battle Park (January 2005)

Plant rescue digs are supervised by NCNPS members and carried out only when granted permission by the landowner. This is done at the owner's convenience, following a set of rules and procedures agreed to by the owner and NCNPS.

A plant rescue can be a strenuous activity but they are also very rewarding. You can't beat the price for the plants, you meet the nicest people, you learn from fellow diggers, you give a part of our natural heritage another chance and it's fun.


As a participant in a North Carolina Native Plant Society plant rescue, you may have to sign a "release waiver and assumption of risk" form agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless the north carolina native plant society and the site owner from any liability.

Release Waiver and Assumption of Risk * (PDF 12 KB)

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