People Can Better the Land—Gardens Are Certifiedcertif

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By Pat Holder

The following are three gardening stories by the people who created native habitats on their land. In the process, they were reminded that gardening is never perfect; they became more connected to their land; and now they display our official Native Plant Habitat sign in their yards. They have worked to restore ecological value to their landscape. The stories are by Julie Roberts, Betsy Reed Bombick, and Lisa Williams. In doing so, they join 138 gardeners whose gardens are Certified Native Plant Habitats.

By Pat Holder
Native Plant News – Spring 2022

Pat Holder is the coordinator of the North Carolina Native Plant Society’s Native Plant Habitat Certification Program. She is passionate about native plants and their critical connection to the animal life in their surrounding ecosystem. Pat loves working with applicants for certification.  She is inspired by their hard work and  compelling stories.