Guidelines for Plant Auctions

Guidelines for Bringing Rare and Endangered Plants to NC NPS Auctions.

If you are bringing plants to any NCNPS Plant Auction, PLEASE READ

If the plants you are bringing for the auction are NOT on this list of the rare and endangered plants of NC, you don’t have to consider anything; bring the plants.

Endangered Plant List for North Carolina

If any of your plants are on this list, you can probably still bring them. This are the regulations for the Plant Protection Program of North Carolina:

  1. If your plant or its parent stock came from a nursery/retail outlet, your plant can be auctioned.
  2. If your plant is native to your property, your plant can be auctioned.
  3. If your plant has been propagated from parent stock collected as part of a bona fide rescue, your plant can be auctioned.
  4. If your plant has been collected directly from the wild or from someone else’s property, it CANNOT be auctioned.

If your plant is on the rare and endangered list, you will be asked to sign a form verifying the above and giving the Original Source of the plant or its parent stock. This form will be returned to the NC Plant Protection office.

A copy of the form is linked to below, so you can see what it looks like. Copies will be available at the auction.

(download PDF)