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Nature at Your Door and Beyond w/ Sara Gagné

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This meeting will be held at Reedy Creek Nature Center in their classroom, as well as online via Zoom (REGISTER TODAY).

I bet you won’t believe me when I tell you that you share your home and yard with thousands, yes thousands, of other species. From coyotes to luna moths, you are surrounded by a constellation of wildlife in the ecological galaxy that is your town or city. Join me as I show you how you influence the species around you, and in turn, how they influence you. This is especially true in your yard, which plays a major role in shaping the species at your door, as well as in your park and neighborhood. In your yard and beyond, I’ll share easy ways to encourage your relationship with urban nature to bloom. 

Sara A. Gagné is the author of Nature at Your Door: Connecting with the Wild and Green in the Urban and Suburban Landscape (Stackpole Books, 2023) and associate professor of landscape ecology and chair of the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.Gagné’s research, teaching, and writing is dedicated to understanding and communicating how people and nature interact in cities. She lives in Charlotte, where she helps to make urban spaces more welcoming to wildlife.

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Mar 10 2024


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Southern Piedmont


Reedy Creek Nature Center
2986 Rocky River Rd, Charlotte, NC


Southern Piedmont Chapter
Southern Piedmont Chapter

Southern Piedmont Chapter