NC Native Plant Habitat Certification


The NCNPS has started a Native Plant Habitat Certification Program to recognize and honor people for planting and nurturing native plants in the landscape pattern and to applaud the native plant gardener for showing in a small but significant way that a property can sustain an ecosystem which continues its connection with the natural world.

Keep in mind that a garden is a work in progress. We know that as a conscientious effort is made to develop a native plant habitat, the garden will never become a final statement, but rather a continuing development connecting the gardener with nature.

The NCNPS Native Plant Habitat Certification is an indication that applicants recognize native plants as an avenue to common sense gardening, as a link to working with nature, and as a path to environmental wholeness, as well as a blessed haven for wildlife.

Achieving this certification indicates your commitment to preserving, enhancing, conserving and protecting our environment. It also reveals a desire to educate not only yourself, but your friends and neighbors as well, about the intrinsic values of developing a native plant habitat.


Upon completion and approval of your application, a member of the Native Plant Habitat Certification Committee will visit your site as part of the certification process. At that time you will receive a personalized certificate suitable for framing. This visit will be coordinated with you prior to the visitation date (visitations may be made when/where certifiers are available; otherwise certificate will be mailed).

Habitat Certification

If possible, please submit a photo of your garden at visitation/certification time that reflects the native plant habitat. Photos will be placed in NCNPS Native Plant Habitat Certification Album and will be available for viewing at various NCNPS events.

Gardens certified as Native Plant Habitats will be announced at the NCNPS Annual Meetings.

There is an application fee of $20.00 ($10.00 for NCNPS members), payable to NCNPS.

Mail completed application and fee to:

Carolyn Ikenberry
Native Plant Habitat Certification Coordinator
4 The Glen
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

You may email Carolyn at carolynI @
or telephone at 919-967-6796.

Additional mementos of your selection are available (at extra cost):

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