Plant Details

Aletris aurea

Golden Colicroot

Scientific Name:

Aletris aurea

Common Name:

Golden Colicroot

Plant Family

Liliaceae (Lily Family)


NC Native



Bloom Color(s):

Yellow, Orange

Soil Moisture:


Bloom Area:


Habitat Description:

Pine savannas, seepage bogs, pine flatwoods

State Rank:

No NC Rank Listed (*)

Global Rank:

No Global Rank listed (*)

State Status:

No NC Status Listed (*)

Federal Status:

No U.S. Status Listed (*)


Golden Colicroot blossoms 10 days or so after White Colicroot and prefers more moisture than White Colicroot. Per Sorrie, a good indicator of wet seeps and boggy areas.

Aletris aurea blossoms grow on very short stalks on the upper portion of the flower stem. The 6-petaled blossoms are cylindrical and small, less than 1 cm.

Will Stuart

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