Plant Portrait

Scientific Name:

Cichorium intybus

Common Name:

Common Chicory



Invasive Status:

Rank 3 (*)


Biennial / Perennial

Plant in Bloom

plant in full bloom


The plant itself is not considered "pretty", being rather gawky.

chicory plant against a fence railing


Without a doubt, a most beautiful color.

bloom closeup

Closeup of Bloom

Now that's *blue*. :)

chicory flower


Everybody knows this plant, it grows along roadsides throughout the area. It is not native to the US, but it's been here a long time. What a lovely color to have in the garden, yet to enjoy it you'd have to be home in the morning, because the bloom lasts only until noon! The only plant I can think of right offhand with a similar color is Stokesia, which fortunately blooms all day.


USDA PLANTS Database Record

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