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Plants listed alphabetically by scientific names starting with the letter r.
Thumbnail Common name,
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Scientific name Native / Alien (1)
image Dwarf Azalea, Coastal Azalea, Rhododendron atlanticum Native
image Flame Azalea Rhododendron calendulaceum Native
image Great Rhododendron, Rosebay Rhododendron Rhododendron maximum Native
image Pinxter Flower, Wild Honeysuckle, Swamp Honeysuckle Rhododendron nudiflorum Native
image Swamp Azalea, Clammy Azalea Rhododendron viscosum Native
image Fragant Sumac Rhus aromatica Native
image Winged Sumac, Shining Sumac Rhus copallinum Native
image Michaux's Sumac Rhus michauxii Native
image twining snoutbean Rhynchosia tomentosa Native
image Short-beaked Baldrush Rhynchospora nitens Native W: Watch List
image Multiflora Rose Rosa multiflora Alien INVASIVE
image Swamp Rose Rosa palustris Native
image Carolina wild petunia , Hairy wild petunia Ruellia caroliniensis Native

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