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Plants listed alphabetically by scientific names starting with the letter p.
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Scientific name Native / Alien (1)
Prenanthes sp Rattlesnake-root, Gall-of-the-earth, Lion's Foot, White Lettuce Nabalus sp. [= Prenanthes sp.] NC Native
image Spiked Medusa, Smooth-lipped Eulophia, Non-crested Eulophia, Giant Orchid Orthochilus ecristatus NC Native E: Endangered
image Allegheny Spurge Pachysandra procumbens NC Native SR: Significantly Rare
image Ginseng, American Ginseng, "Sang" Panax quinquefolius NC Native
image Dwarf Ginseng Panax trifolius NC Native
image Kidney-leaved Grass-of-Parnassus, Appalachian Grass-of-Parnassus, Brook Parnassia Parnassia asarifolia NC Native
image Carolina Grass-of-Parnassus, Savanna Parnassia, Eyebright Parnassia caroliniana NC Native E: Endangered
image Bigleaf Grass-of-Parnassus, Limeseep Parnassia, Largeleaf Grass-of-Parnassus Parnassia grandifolia NC Native T: Threatened
image Silverling, Silver Whitlow-wort, Silvery Nailwort Paronychia argyrocoma NC Native
image Yellow Passionflower Passiflora lutea NC Native
image Eastern Lousewort, Canadian Lousewort, Forest Lousewort, Wood-betony Pedicularis canadensis NC Native
image Appalachian Beardtongue, Eastern Gray Beardtongue, Eastern Gray Penstemon Penstemon canescens NC Native
image Swamp Bay Persea palustris NC Native
image Eastern Buttercup Phacelia, Coville's Phacelia, Buttercup Scorpionweed Phacelia covillei NC Native SR: Significantly Rare
image Piedmont Rock-pink, Piedmont Fameflower Phemeranthus piedmontanus NC Native E: Endangered
image Wild Blue Phlox, Eastern Blue Phlox, Timber Phlox, Wild Sweet William Phlox divaricata NC Native
image Downy Phlox, Deam’s Phlox Phlox pilosa NC Native
image Creeping Phlox Phlox stolonifera NC Native
image Americam Lopseed Phryma leptostachya NC Native
image Ninebark, Atlantic Ninebark, Common Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius NC Native
image Pokeweed, American Pokeweed, Great Pokeweed, Pokeberry, Red Ink Plant, Pigeonberry Phytolacca americana NC Native
image Blue Butterwort, Blueflower Butterwort Pinguicula caerulea NC Native
image yellow butterwort Pinguicula lutea Native SR: Significantly Rare
image Small Butterwort, Dwarf Butterwort, Bog Violet Pinguicula pumila NC Native SR: Significantly Rare
image White Fringed Orchid Platanthera blephariglottis var. conspicua = (Habenaria blephariglottis) NC Native
image Yellow Fringed Orchid, Orange Fringed Orchid, Orange Plume, Bobwhite's-mocassin, Owl's-head Platanthera ciliaris NC Native
image Small Green Wood Orchid, Small Woodland Orchid, Little Club Spur Bog Orchid Platanthera clavellata NC Native
image Yellow Crested Orchis, Crested Fringed Orchid, Golden Fringed Orchid Platanthera cristata NC Native
image Southern Rein Orchid, Palegreen Orchid, Southern Gypsy-spike Platanthera flava var. flava NC Native
image Tubercled Rein Orchid, Northern Gypsy-spike, Northern Green Orchid Platanthera flava var. herbiola NC Native SR: Significantly Rare
image Large Purple Fringed Orchid, Greater Purple Fringed Orchid, Greater Purple Fringed Bog-orchid, Plume-royal Platanthera grandiflora NC Native SR: Significantly Rare
image Golden Fringeless Orchid, Yellow Fringeless Orchid, Golden Frog Arrow Platanthera integra NC Native T: Threatened
image White Fringeless Orchid, Monkey-face Orchid Platanthera integrilabia NC Native E: Endangered
image Green Fringed Orchid, Ragged Fringed Orchid, Ragged Orchid Platanthera lacera NC Native
image Snowy Orchid, Bog-spike, Frog Spear, Bog Torch, White Frog Arrow, White Rein Orchid Platanthera nivea NC Native T: Threatened
image Large Round-leaved Orchid, Dinner-plate Orchid, Lesser roundleaved orchid, Roundleaf Rein Orchid Platanthera orbiculata NC Native
image Purple Fringeless Orchid, Purple Spire Orchid, Pride-of-the-peak Platanthera peramoena NC Native Candidate
image Small Purple Fringed Orchid, Butterfly Orchid, Lesser Purple Fringed orchid Platanthera psycodes NC Native
image Shriver’s Purple Fringed Orchid, Shriver’s Frilly Orchid Platanthera shriveri NC Native
image Bicolor Bog Orchid Platanthera x bicolor {P. blephariglottis x P. ciliaris} [= Habenaria x bicolor] NC Native
image Fringed Orchid Hybrid Platanthera x channellii {P. ciliaris x P. cristata} [= Habenaria x channellii] NC Native
image Rush Featherling Pleea tenuifolia NC Native
image Marsh Fleabane, Stinking Camphorweed Pluchea foetida NC Native
image Salt-marsh Fleabane Pluchea odorata NC Native
image Mayapple, American Mandrake, Wild Mandrake, Indian Apple, Pomme de Mai, Podophylle Pelt Podophyllum peltatum NC Native
image Rose Pogonia, Snakemouth, Beardflower, Ettercap, Addermouth Pogonia ophioglossoides NC Native
image Orange Milkwort, Yellow Milkwort, Red Hot Poker, Candy Weed Polygala lutea NC Native
image Gay wings, Fringed Polygala, Flowering Wintergreen, Bird-on-the-wing Polygaloides paucifolia Undetermined
image Solomon's Seal Polygonatum biflorum NC Native
image October Flower, Jointweed Polygonella polygama NC Native
image Christmas Fern Polystichum acrostichoides NC Native
image Shadow Witch Ponthieva racemosa NC Native SR: Significantly Rare
image Dwarf Cinquefoil, Running Five-fingers Potentilla canadensis NC Native
image Sulphur Cinquefoil, Sulphur Five-fingers Potentilla recta Naturalized Alien
image Yellow Mandarin, Yellow Fairybells Prosartes lanuginosa NC Native
image American Self-heal, American Heal-all Prunella vulgaris NC Native
image Black Cherry, Wild Cherry, Cabinet Cherry, Rum Cherry Prunus serotina NC Native
image Chokecherry Prunus virginiana NC Native
image Eastern Bracken, Bracken Fern Pteridium latiusculum NC Native
image Blackroot, Wingstem, Densespike Blackroot, Fox-tail, Coastal Blackroot Pterocaulon pycnostachyum NC Native
image hoary mountainmint Pycnanthemum incanum NC Native
image Common Pyxie-moss, Big Pyxie Pyxidanthera barbulata Native
image Pixie Moss Pyxidanthera brevifolia Native E: Endangered

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