Plant Details

Thalictrum cooleyi

Cooley's Meadowrue, Savanna Meadowrue.

Scientific Name:

Thalictrum cooleyi

Common Name:

Cooley's Meadowrue, Savanna Meadowrue.

Plant Family

Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family)


NC Native



Bloom Color(s):

white, yellowish, greenish

Size in Feet:


Bloom Time:

late June - early July

Bloom Area:


Habitat Description:

Ecotones between calcareous savannas and adjacent swamp forests, shallowly underlain by coquina limestone (“marl”), generally within a few meters of both Taxodium ascendens and Liriodendron tulipifera. The species is endemic to two small areas, centered around Maple Hill (Pender and Onslow counties, NC) and Old Dock (Columbus and Brunswick counties, NC). Rare in NC Coastal Plain.

State Rank:

S1: Critically imperiled (*)

Global Rank:

G1 - Critically imperiled (*)

State Status:

E: Endangered (*)

Federal Status:

E - Endangered (*)


Cooley's meadowrue is endemic to the coastal plain in the southeastern United States. This plant occurs in fire-dependent web bogs and savannas. The main causes for the decline of the species can be attributed to fire suppression and loss of habitat due to agricultural/silvicultural practices. - Center for Plant Conservation


© Chuck Carmack

Male flower

Male and female flowers are on separate plants. "This is contributing to the plant's rarity, because most of the remaining populations have a 3 to 1 ratio of male to female plants, leading to reproductive and genetic problems. An extreme instance is in one site in North Carolina, where no male plants had been found at the site in 8 years (Leonard 1987)" - Center for Plant Conservation


© Chuck Carmack


USDA PLANTS Database Record

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Flora of North America

Bird-Friendly Native Plants

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