Plant Details

Spiranthes tuberosa

Little Ladies'-tresses, Little Pearl-Twist, Ladies' Tresses

Scientific Name:

Spiranthes tuberosa

Common Name:

Little Ladies'-tresses, Little Pearl-Twist, Ladies' Tresses

Plant Family

Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)


NC Native



Bloom Time:

June - July - August - September

Bloom Area:

Statewide (Mountains, Piedmont, Coast)

Habitat Description:

In a wide variety of habitats, especially relatively well-drained woodlands and fields, sandhills, dry hammocks, dry pine flatwoods. Common throughout NC.

State Rank:

No NC Rank Listed (*)

Global Rank:

No Global Rank listed (*)

State Status:

No NC Status Listed (*)

Federal Status:

No U.S. Status Listed (*)


Flora of North America "This species is easily recognized by its pure white flowers, broad crisped lip, and fugacious leaves."

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USDA PLANTS Database Record

North American Orchid Conservation Center
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Flora of North America
Bird-Friendly Native Plants

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