Plant Details

Spiranthes eatonii

Eaton's Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses

Scientific Name:

Spiranthes eatonii

Common Name:

Eaton's Ladies'-tresses, Ladies' Tresses

Plant Family

Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)


NC Native



Bloom Time:

March - April - May

Bloom Area:


Habitat Description:

Pine savannas, dry to moist pine flatwoods. Uncommon in NC Coastal Plain.

State Rank:

S2: Imperiled (*)

Global Rank:

G2 - Imperiled, G4 - Apparently Secure (*)

State Status:

E: Endangered (*)

Federal Status:

No U.S. Status Listed (*)


Per Weakley Apparently previously confused with S. lacera, S. floridana, S. brevilabris, and S. tuberosa, but distinctive in the combination of spring blooming season, white flowers, and basal, narrowly oblanceolate leaves

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USDA PLANTS Database Record

Flora of North America
North American Orchid Conservation Center

Bird-Friendly Native Plants

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