Plant Details

Scutellaria integrifolia

Helmet Skullcap, Helmet Flower, Common Large Skullcap

Scientific Name:

Scutellaria integrifolia

Common Name:

Helmet Skullcap, Helmet Flower, Common Large Skullcap

Plant Family

Lamiaceae (Mint Family)


NC Native



Bloom Color(s):

bluish purple

Size in Feet:

.5 - 2.5


part to full sun

Soil Moisture:


Bloom Time:

May - July

Bloom Area:

Coast, Piedmont, Mountains

Habitat Description:

Wet pine savannas, seeps in forests, bottomlands, other moist sites. Common throughout NC.

State Rank:

No NC Rank Listed (*)

Global Rank:

No Global Rank listed (*)

State Status:

No NC Status Listed (*)

Federal Status:

No U.S. Status Listed (*)


Helmet Skullcap is common throughout the state, growing in wet pine savannas, forest seeps, bottomlands and moist sites. The lower leaves are toothed but the upper ones have smooth edges or have only blunt teeth.


Esther Murphy, May 13, 2012, Ev-Henwood Preserve, Supply


USDA PLANTS Database Record

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Bird-Friendly Native Plants

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