Plant Details

Quercus lyrata

Overcup Oak

Scientific Name:

Quercus lyrata

Common Name:

Overcup Oak

Plant Family

Fagaceae (Beech Family)


NC Native



Size in Feet:

60 - 90

Bloom Area:

Coast, Piedmont

Habitat Description:

Seasonally rather deeply and frequently flooded soils of floodplains of the Coastal Plain, less commonly in seasonally flooded swamps in Triassic basins in the lower Piedmont, and rarely in upland depression swamps of the Piedmont (developed over clays weathered from mafic rocks) and Coastal Plain. Primarily a species of the Southeastern Coastal Plain (Weakley 2015). Rare in NC Piedmont, common in Coastal Plain.

State Rank:

No NC Rank Listed (*)

Global Rank:

No Global Rank listed (*)

State Status:

No NC Status Listed (*)

Federal Status:

No U.S. Status Listed (*)

In winter

Note the bark which is similar to White Oak, Q. alba. Overcup oak prefers wetter soil.


C. Paynter, Feb, 2010, Jack Spruill's yard, Hampstead



Jack Spruill, July 2010, Hampstead


The cap almost completely covers the nut.


Jack Spruill, July, 2010, Hampstead

Mature Acorns


© Jack Spruill, November 2010, Hampstead

Here is a photo taken on 16 November 2011 of the same Quercus Lyrata (Overcup Oak) tree that Cary Paynter and I photographed earlier in the year (the preceding images above).


USDA PLANTS Database Record

Bird-Friendly Native Plants

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