Plant Details

Malaxis bayardii

Appalachian Adder's-mouth, Bayard's Adder's-mouth Orchid

Scientific Name:

Malaxis bayardii

Common Name:

Appalachian Adder's-mouth, Bayard's Adder's-mouth Orchid

Plant Family

Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)


NC Native



Bloom Time:

July - August - September

Bloom Area:

Mountains, Piedmont

Habitat Description:

Dry, open, upland forests, shale barren (Weakley 2015). Rare in NC Mountains and Piedmont.

State Rank:

S1: Critically imperiled (*)

Global Rank:

G1 - Critically imperiled, G2 - Imperiled (*)

State Status:

SR-T: Significantly Rare: Throughout (*)

Federal Status:

FSC - Federal Special Concern (*)


NC Natural Heritage Program Global Rank: G1G2

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