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Winter Walk to Mason’s Farm

Sponsored by the Margaret Reid chapter

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Mason Farm Biological Reserve is a 367-acre natural area that is under the care of the NC Botanical Garden. It features old fields and old forests.


Things looked bleak for a hike in the woods on 16 Jan because in Raleigh and Cary we had sleet and light snow. But by 1:30 the sun was out and we gathered in the parking lot at the A. E. Finley Golf Course in Chapel Hill. Our destination, Mason Farm, abuts the golf course.

High Water

We had to ferry some folks whose vehicles would not handle the high water on the ford across Morgan Creek so we got to renew acquaintances while we waited

Misty Franklin

Misty Franklin, a NCNPS board member, explains how the fields are cut off in sections to increase the varied habitats.

The Big Oak Woods, the Carolina Shagbark Hickory Slope, and the Hackberry Warbler Trail each feature some of the oldest tress in the triangle area, with many over 200 years old.

Milo Pyne

Milo Pyne IDs several of the oaks from their leaves.

Hair Ball???

Some of us, well, maybe one, was interested in what we thought was an owl’s “hair ball.”

Around the Loop

We walked around the 2-mile loop trail and practiced winter tree and shrub identification. The terrain is mainly flat and the main loop is an easy hike, but was muddy in places, especially around the beaver impoundment known as Siler’s Bog.

Group Photo

Back at the parking area we got most of the group to gather for a group photo.

Worm's-eye view

Some wanted the worm’s eye view for the group shot.

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