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Walk in Regency Park Area, Cary

Sponsored by the Margaret Reid chapter

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Margaret Reid Chapter took a walk in the Regency Park area of Cary that is adjacent to Hwy #1 and the Cary Amphitheater. The area is slated for residential and office development but is currently used by walkers and mountain bikers. It is in the western end of the bluffs area that runs along Swift Creek and is home to a wide variety of wildflowers.

We saw the first Dog Tooth Lily bloom (looked like Erythronium umbilicatum), 4.2 bazillion Christmas ferns (Polystichum acrostichoides), 3.1 bazillion Hexastalis aerifolia, Heuchera americana, and others.


The fast walkers finally slowed down enough to get captured in pixels.


The lookers brought up the rear.

Elephant Tree

With a vivid imagination there's an elephant in this tree.

Group Picture

The hard core made it all the way to the end. Third from the left is our newest member--welcome!

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