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Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve

Sponsored by the Margaret Reid chapter

Monday, February 03, 2014

February 2014 Field Trip led by Lena Gallitano of Wake Audubon

Along the edge of the lower field

The Neuse River forms a big horseshoe bend around this Raleigh nature park.
There’s a huge open field in the middle of the site, with mature hardwood
forest on the floodplains along the river.

back swamp wetland in Neuse River floodplain

Ephemeral ponds in floodplain wetlands provide amphibian habitat.

Peering at a red headed woodpecker

Tall dead snags in the floodplain forest provide habitat for several
woodpecker species, including the less common red headed woodpecker.

Future Butterfly Meadow

Lena Gallitano explaining meadow management
and plans for improvements to butterfly habitat

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