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Green Swamp

Sponsored by the Triad chapter

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Triad Chapter sponsored a trip to the Green Swamp in Southeast NC. The weather was cool for this time of year but spirits were undaunted. Several folks from the Native Orchid Society joined us for the walk.

Parking Lot Briefing

Dave McAdoo gives us the lowdown on the day's activities

Yellow Baptisia

Hidden in the Bracken, a Yellow Baptisia greeted us just as we walked into the area.

Dave Leads On

It was unbelievable to see what was hiding in the wiregrass.

John in his night shirt

Looks like John was in a hurry and still had his nite shirt on.

Beside the Road

Even the ditches along the road held treasures.

End of the First Walk

We posed for a human photo-op at the end of the 1st walk. What cooperation!! SCNPS member, Jim Fowler, holds our NCNPS banner. Check out Jim's book Wild Orchids of South Carolina.

Dave, Jim and Alice

Hat on backward, dirty knees. Must be a plant photographer. Leave him alone Alice, David McCann didn't come all the way from Ohio to talk to you!

The stars of the day were the plants:

Cleistes bifaria

Cleistes divaricata

Sarracenia flava

Copper topped Sarracenia

Rose Pogonia

Rose Pogonia

Pale Rose Pogonias

In a roadside ditch, filled with sphagnum moss


Dave called this the "Mother of all Venus Flytraps"

Sarracenia rubra

Red Venus Flytrap

An offspring of "the mother"

Sunbonnets, Chaptalia tomentosa


Whorled Milkweed

Thanks to Tom Harville and David McAdoo for the photos!

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