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Fort Fisher

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Melanie Doyle leads us on a walk over the dunes

Sea Turtle Nest w/ Sea Oats

Uniola paniculata

sea oats

important dune stabilizer

Iva imbricata

dune marsh-elder

also plays a role in dune stabilization

Oenothera humifusa and Hydrocotyle bonariensis

seabeach or dunes evening primrose and seaside pennywort

Oenothera humifusa and Spartina patens

seabeach evening primrose and saltmeadow cordgrass

Panicum amarum

seaside panicum; bitter panicgrass

aka "messy" dune grass

Spartina patens, foreground; Spartina alterniflora in the background

saltmeadow cordgrass or marsh hay (S.patens) ; smooth cordgrass or saltmarsh cordgrass (S. alterniflora)

Phragmites australis

common reed


Typha latifolia


Juncus roemerianus

black needle rush

Cynanchum angustifolium

sand vine, gulf coast milkvine or swallow-wort

belongs to the milkweed family (Asclepiadaceae)

Borrichia frutescens

sea oxeye

Sabatia stellaris


Flower Tracks of Sabatia

Salicornia sp.


Salicornia virginica?


Iva frutescens, foreground; Juniperus virginiana, background

marsh elder; southern red cedar

Oenothera laciniata

Lepidium virginicum

poor man's pepper

Ilex vomitoria, yaupon holly, on the left

milkweed bug nymphs on Borrichia

Baccharis angustifolia

narrow-leaf baccharis or saltwater false willow

Atlantic Marsh Fiddler Crab

White Ibis

Opuntia humifusa


Dichromena colorata and Lippia nodiflora

whitetop sedge and frog fruits (syn Phyla nodiflora)

Great Blue Heron

Kosteletzkya virginica

seashore mallow

Thanks to Melanie for sharing with us yet another treasure of the North Carolina coast!

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