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Allen DeHart Botanical Garden

Sponsored by the Margaret Reid chapter

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Dr. Allen DeHart generously guided our tour of the DeHart Botanical Garden off Route 410 near Louisburg.  Dr. DeHart created the garden and in his early nineties continues to direct its care and improvement. The garden is best known for its spring displays of azaleas, exotic and native, and other spring flowers, but it was perhaps more interesting to our group of native plants enthusiasts on a lovely fall day.  No bright magentas or pinks to distract us.

Hillside walk past granite boulders

American Holly spire

Polypody Ferns on rock face

View of garden from hilltop overlook

American Holly (Ilex opaca) fruit and foliage

"Wedding Rock"

Dr. DeHart showing us the rock face

View across the lake

Waterfall below the dam

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