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Sunday, September 08, 2019

Talk: Asters Aren’t Disasters

Event Sponsor: Southern Piedmont Chapter

Asters Aren’t Disasters. Dr. Larry Mellichamp will talk about how to figure out those dyc’s in the late summer and fall.  Don’t know what a dyc is?  Come find out!

Come join the fun and bring an unknown from your yard or roadside meadow to ask about. Bring any divisions for door prizes—please bring them in 1 gallon or less discrete containers and name them if you know; no big clumps of overgrown plants in plastic bags.

Many summer and fall flowers members of the Aster or composite family have yellow flowers and look alike. Dr. Mellichamp will make a stab at organizing the complexities and provide a few short-cuts to recognizing certain groups that will make it easier to compartmentalize them.

The confusing goldenrods have distinct groupings, as do the asters. But tickseeds and sunflowers are big groups as well. And how do ironweeds, gayfeathers and joe-pye weeds relate to each other?

The growing Southern Piedmont Chapter needs more space for our events so we’ve moved to Shelter 3 at Reedy Creek for our indoor meetings.  To find us, take the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve main entrance road until it dead-ends.  Turn left and follow the park signs to Shelter 3.

Please Join Us. Open to the public. Free.

Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 2:00 PM
New location: Now meeting in Shelter 3 at Reedy Creek Park
Reedy Creek Park, Shelter 3, 2900 Rocky River Rd, Charlotte NC 28215

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