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Saturday, June 06, 2020

2020 Annual Meeting and Picnic

(10:00 AM to 3:00 PM)
Event Sponsor: NC Native Plant Society

We will meet at Hagan Stone Park near Greensboro for our Annual Meeting and Picnic.  We will also have a native plant sale and auction.

We will have out Annual Meeting, Picnic, and Plant sale/auction on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at Hagan Stone Park in Greensboro.  We will provide chicken, Bar B Que, coleslaw. and drinks.. Bring a dish to share and a plant for the sale/auction if you have one.

The meal will be fried chicken, Bar B Que and coleslaw from Smithfields. The fixin’s will be the delicious collection of side dishes that all the members in attendance bring to share.  The NCNPS will provide tea and water, ice and paper products. As an environmentally conscious organization we would like to ask that you bring your own beverage cup. We will have some cups available for those who forget, but would like to cut back on our landfill donations.

9:30 - 11 Bring your plants for sale or auction, early is better to help those that have to price and organize plants
10 - 11 Program TBA
11 - 11:30 Plant shopping, networking and socializing
11:30 - 12 Annual Meeting and Election
12 - 1 Lunch and more plant shopping
1 - 3 Plant Auction of approximately 35 special plants

The very best part!  This is the time to get good quality, native North Carolina plants. This sale helps us fund our activities throughout the year.  If you have plants you would like to donate, please dig and pot them now and bring them to the sale/auction.

It helps immensely if they are:
1.    Not in fancy pots.
2.    Clearly labeled with the botanical and/ or common name.
3.    Not a rare, threatened or endangered species, unless they were grown on your own land (if so, you will be asked to fill out documentation at the picnic).

So bring your favorite dish with serving utensil, your favorite checkbook, a cup or glass for your beverage, a container (box, tub, etc.)  labeled with your name so that plant knappers will not abduct your babies before you get them tucked into your vehicle.

Directions to the air conditioned ARC building are below:

Take a left just inside the entrance of the park, drive through the gravel parking lot onto an asphalt driveway to the end of the road where you can unload your plants.  Parking will be at the Event Center and just below in the Camp Joy building parking lot and along the road side. This is a link to the map and the building is in the bottom left of the map.

Hagan Stone facilities map.pdf

Google Maps address for the picnic location:  5920 Hagan Stone Park Rd. Pleasant Gardens, NC 27313

See you there!!

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