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Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund
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The Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund is named in honor of Alice Zawadzki, who was a high school chemistry teacher in North Carolina. Following her retirement, Alice became involved with several organizations that promote the conservation of native and rare plants. She was president of North Carolina Native Plant Society (NCNPS) from 2002 to 2006. Alice generously remembered NCNPS in her estate planning. After her death in 2015, NCNPS established the Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation fund in her memory to continue supporting the land conservation work that Alice was devoted to during her retirement.

Each year NCNPS typically funds two Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation grants up to $3,000 each for projects that support conservation of native plant habitat. Grant applications can be submitted at any time, but awards are dependent on the availability of funds. Fiscal year and renewal of funds begins on June 1 of each year. Land conservancies, non-profit groups, and agencies involved in conservation of native plant habitat are invited to apply for grants using the application provided above (upper right).

Guidelines for Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund

Note: Funds for the current fiscal year are exhausted and will be renewed June 1 2021.

The Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund supports activities that are in keeping with the NCNPS mission “to promote the enjoyment and conservation of North Carolina’s native plants and their habitats through education, protection, cultivation, and advocacy.”

Land conservation projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • land purchase, particularly where a matching funding source is available;
  • boundary surveys and legal fees;
  • floristic inventories in relation to land purchase or conservation easements.

To apply for an Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation grant, use the online application form provided.

Obligations of Grant Recipient

Applicants whose project proposals are funded agree to the following obligations as part of their acceptance of funds:

  • The grant recipient will acknowledge the Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund of the North Carolina Native Plant Society, including the website in event publicity, printed materials, and signage, as practicable.
  • The grant recipient will report any significant change to the project start and end dates or budget requirements to the NCNPS Grants & Scholarships Committee Chair.
  • Upon completion of the project, the grant recipient will submit an article (200 words maximum) with a relevant photograph to be published in Native Plant News, the newsletter of the NCNPS. Send the article to the Grants and Scholarships Committee Chair.
  • The grant recipient is encouraged to offer a field trip for a local chapter of NCNPS members to the project site, if appropriate. Local chapters are listed on the NCNPS website.