NC Native Trillium Plants

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Plants listed alphabetically by scientific name.
Thumbnail Scientific Name Common Name State Rank (*) State Status
Fed. Status
Bloom Area
image Trillium catesbaei Catesby's Trillium Mar - June Mountains, Piedmont
image Trillium cuneatum Toadshade, Sweet Betsy March - April Piedmont, Mountains
image Trillium discolor Pale Yellow Trillium, Mottled Trillium T: Threatened March - April - May Mountains
image Trillium erectum Wake Robin Apr - Jun Mountains
image Trillium flexipes bent trillium, declined trillium SR: Significantly Rare Apr Mountains
image Trillium grandiflorum Large-flowered Trillium April - May Mountains, Piedmont
image Trillium luteum Yellow Trillium, Yellow Toadshade, Wax Trillium, Lemon-scented Trillium Mar - June Mountains
image Trillium pusillum Carolina Least Trillium E: Endangered March - April - May Statewide (Mountains, Piedmont, Coast)
image Trillium recurvatum prairie trillium, toadshade, bloody noses March - April - May Mountains, Piedmont
image Trillium rugelii Nodding Trillium April - May Mountains
image Trillium sessile Sessile trillium, toad trillium, toadshade March - April Mountains
image Trillium simile sweet white trillium, jeweled wakerobin, confused trillium March - April - May Mountains
image Trillium sulcatum southern red Trillium, Barksdale's Trilliam, furrowed wake robin April - May Mountains
image Trillium undulatum Painted Trillium April - May Mountains
image Trillium vaseyi sweet trillium, Vasey's trillium, sweet beth February - March - April Mountains

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Read this excellent paper on Trilliums prepared by one of our Shinn Grant winners:

by Christina Pampkin Stoehrel

NC Native Trillium with varieties and forma

This list was derived from a Trillium taxa list on I added a couple of items that was not on it that came from Weakley's list (the var 4 & 5 of pusillum)

Trillium catesbeai
Trillium cuneatum
    f. cuneatum
    f. luteum
Trillium discolor
Trillium erectum
    var. erectum
    var. album
Trillium flexipes
    f. flexipes
    f. billingtonii
    f. walpolei
Trillium grandiflorum
    f. grandiflorum
    f. polymerum
    f. rosum
Trillium luteum
Trillium pusillum
    var. pusillum
    var. monticulum
    var. ozarkanum
    var. 4
    var. 5
    var. virginianum
Trillium recurvatum
    f. recurvatum
    f. foliosum
    f. luteum
    f. petaloideum
    f. shayi
Trillium rugelii
Trillium simile
Trillium sulcatum
    f. sulcatum
    f. albolutescens
Trillium undulatum
    f. undulatum
    f. enotatum
Trillium vaseyi
Trillium parviflorum
Trillium petiolatum
Trillium sessile
    f. sessile
    f. viridiflorum

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