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Plants listed alphabetically by scientific names starting with the letter i.
Thumbnail Common name,
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Scientific name Native / Alien (1)
image Dahoon Ilex cassine Native
image Longstalk Holly, Cherry Holly Ilex collina Native T: Threatened
image Large Gallberry Ilex coriacea Native
image Inkberry, Little Gallberry Ilex glabra Native
image Myrtle Dahoon Ilex myrtifolia Native
image American Holly, Christmas Holly Ilex opaca Native
image yaupon Ilex vomitoria Native
image Dwarf Crested Iris Iris cristata Native
image Slender Blue Flag Iris Iris prismatica Native
image Dwarf Iris, Dwarf Violet Iris Iris verna Native
image Virginia Iris Iris virginica Native
image Small Whorled Pogonia Isotria medeoloides Native E: Endangered
image Large Whorled Pogonia Isotria verticillata Native
image Marsh-Elder, High Tide Bush, Jesuit's Bark Iva frutescens Native

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