Plant Details

Viola cucullata

Bog Violet, Marsh Blue Violet

Scientific Name:

Viola cucullata

Common Name:

Bog Violet, Marsh Blue Violet

Plant Family

Violaceae (Violet Family)





Bloom Color(s):

blue, purple

Size in Feet:

8 in


Sun, Part-sun

Soil Moisture:

sub-hydric, hygric(*)

Bloom Time:

April, May, June

Bloom Area:

Mountains (common), Piedmont (uncommon), Coast (rare)

Habitat Description:

Bogs, seeps, margins of spring branches

In bloom

Blue Marsh Violet is very similar to the Common Blue Violet (Viola sororia) but the habitats are quite different. As the common name shows, Blue Marsh Violet grows in very wet soil (bogs, seeps) while the Common Blue Violet grows in bottomlands, moist woods and lawns.


Paynter, mountain bog, May 2012

Close-up of flower

Marsh Blue Violet has distinctive flowers that help in identification. The two lower, outer petals have hairs that are clubbed (distinctly wider at the top.) Click to enlarge.


Paynter, mountain bog


USDA PLANTS Database Record

Bird-Friendly Native Plants

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