Plant Details

Prunus serotina

Black Cherry, Wild Cherry, Cabinet Cherry, Rum Cherry

Scientific Name:

Prunus serotina

Common Name:

Black Cherry, Wild Cherry, Cabinet Cherry, Rum Cherry

Plant Family

Rosaceae (Rose Family)




Evergreen Tree

Bloom Color(s):


Size in Feet:

60 (max 145)

Bloom Time:

April - May

Bloom Area:

Statewide (Mountains, Piedmont, Coast)

In bloom


Jack Spruill, Hampstead, April 13, 2008

Jack Spruill notes the acrid smell and bitter taste of young tree bark. The bark and wilted leaves contain hydrocyanic acid, toxic to pets and livestock in large amounts (but not to deer!)

Close-up of flowers


Jack Spruill, Hampstead, April 16, 2008

Black Cherry is the largest of our native cherries, reaching its full height in the mountains. An adaptable tree, it grows in woodlands, pastures and fencerows.

In fruit

Black Cherry is a great wildlife tree with abundant berries attracting many birds. The wood is prized for furniture and the berries are made into jelly, wine and liqueurs.


Jack Spruill, Hampstead, June 28, 2009


USDA PLANTS Database Record

Bird-Friendly Native Plants

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