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Shinn Grant

Tom and Bruce Shinn
Bruce (l) and Tom (r) standing in front of their pitcher plants at Stone Knife Farm in Leicester, NC. Circa 1979 (click image to enlarge)

The Native Plant Society sponsors two Tom & Bruce Shinn Grants (in the amount of $100.00 - $1000.00 each) for the purpose of supporting basic or applied research on native plants in botanical or horticultural areas that fulfill the mission and/or objectives of the North Carolina Native Plant Society.

Shinn Grant
Application Instructions
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These grants will be awarded to United States citizens attending North Carolina schools who are:

  • graduate students
  • qualified undergraduate students working on projects with an advisor


2016 Shinn Grant Awards

Andrea Thompson, North Carolina State University

"Solidago spithamaea: Study in Population Viability""

Rachel Kelsy Stillwell, Western Carolina University

"Microsatellite marker optimization and gene flow analysis between species of the erectum complex of Trillium""

2015 Shinn Grant Awards

Ms. Michelle D'Aguillo, Duke University

Her project is titled "Germination ecology of two southern Appalachian natives, Houstonia caerulea and H. serpyllifolia (Rubiaceae)"
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Donohue

Ms. Rebecca M. Dalton, Duke University

Her project is titled "Changes to flowering phenology in native wildflower communities in North Carolina"
Advisor: Dr. William F. Morris

Mr. Gary Perlmutter, North Carolina State University

His project is titled "Traffic Emissions Effects on Forest Lichen Communities in North Carolina"
Advisor: Dr. Gary Blank

2014 Shinn Grant Awards

Ms. Rene Fortne, East Carolin University

Her project is titled "The Reproductive Ecology of the Federally Endangered Cooley?s Meadowrue (Thalictrum cooleyi Ahles).

Mr. Kipp Callahan, NCSU

His project is titled ?The Vascular Flora of Pondberry Bay (Sampson County, NC). His adviser is Dr. Alexander Krings, at NC State University.

Mr. Nathan Howell, NCSU

His project is titled "The Vascular Flora of the Natural Lake Shoreline Community of Carolina Bays in the Carolina Flatwoods and Mid-Atlantic Floodplains and Low Terraces Ecoregions (Bladen and Columbus Counties, North Carolina).? His adviser is Dr. Alexander Krings, at NC State University.

2013 Shinn Grant Awards

Ms. Amanda Faucette, NCSU

The Vascular Flora and Soils of Buxton Woods (Dare County, NC) Advisor: Dr. Alexander Krings, NCSU

Ms. Kyle Palmquist, UNC-CH

The joint effects of drought and reduced fire frequency on native orchids in the Green Swamp Preserve, North Carolina Advisor: Dr. Alan Weakley, UNC-CH

Grant Application Review Committee


Ms. Catherine Luckenbaugh Charlotte, NC

Ms. Lisa Gould - Winston-Salem, NC

Col. Tom Harville - Cary, NC

Dr. Paul Hoiser - UNCW

Dr. Claudia L. Jolls - ECU

Dr. Larry Mellichamp - UNCC

Dr. Zack Murrell - ASU

Mr. Mark Rose - Boone, NC

Dr. Jon Stucky - NCSU

Dr. Alan Weakley - NCSU