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Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund

Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund
Application Form
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Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund: supports conservation of native plant habitat

This fund is open to the community and is suitable for lands conservancies, land trusts, botanical gardens, local government, local native plant chapters, non-profit groups, and state agencies involved in conservation of native plant habitat, in keeping with the NCNPS mission to promote the enjoyment and conservation of North Carolina’s native plants. The Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund is awarded annually for an amount of up to $3,000.00.

About Alice Zawadzki

Alice Zawadzki was a native of New Jersey who moved to North Carolina, where she taught high school chemistry for many years. Following her retirement, Alice became involved with several organizations and groups that had one thing in common: the conservation of native and rare plants. Alice’s love of native plants was reflected in her decision to remember many of these organizations in her will. At her death on June 30th of 2015, the North Carolina Native Plant Society was one of the organizations that received a generous gift from her estate. The NCNPS chose to establish this fund in her memory, to continue supporting the land conservation work that Alice worked so tirelessly for during her retirement.

Guidelines for Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund

The Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund supports activities that are in keeping with the NCNPS mission to promote the enjoyment and conservation of North Carolina’s native plants and their habitats through education, protection, cultivation, and advocacy. All applications for the Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund must be received by the last day of June. Notification will be made to applicants by September 1st of each year.

Land Conservation projects shall be considered in their broadest sense. Eligible activites may include, but are not limited to:

  • boundary surveys;
  • land purchase, particularly where a matching funding source is available;
  • Floristic inventories; and
  • Legal fees (closing costs, etc.)

Obligations of Grant Recipient Applicants whose project proposals are funded agree to the following obligations as part of their acceptance of funds:

  • The grantee will acknowledge the Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund of the NC Native Plant Society, including the website in all printed materials or signage, as practicable.
  • Upon completion of project, the applicant will submit a brief article, not to exceed 200 words and including a relevant photograph, for publication in Native Plant News, the newsletter of the NCNPS.
  • The grantee is encouraged to offer a field trip for a local chapter of NCNPS members to the project site, if appropriate.
  • At the completion of the project or at least once per year in an ongoing project, the grantee will submit a brief report of two pages or less to the NCNPS Board on the status of the project, including the number of volunteer hours donated, an itemized account of expenditures, and a description of any additional funds that were donated by others for the project. Any unused funds will be returned to the NCNPS.
  • NCNPS will not subsidize or be responsible for personal injury or damage to property involved in any project we support. Grantees should make their own arrangements for insurance coverage.